Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System

All-in-One Smart Meter


The Dario All-in-One Smart Meter is specially designed to fit your lifestyle. This sleek, all-in-one glucose monitoring solution includes a simple-to-use glucose meter, disposable test strip cartridge and lancing device – that comfortably fits in your pocket. Connecting to your smartphone, the smart meter makes it easy to manage your blood glucose level and automatically log results.

Why You’ll Love the Dario Smart Meter

  • Plugs into almost any smartphone – Android or iPhone compatible with no cords or cables. Click here to see the full list of supported devices
  • Fast – entire blood glucose metering process takes only 6 seconds
  • Accurate – accurate results with tiny blood sample
  • Pocket-sized meter – forget about those bulky pouches

Strip cartridge

Each strip cartridge holds 25 disposable strips. When you run out of strips, just pull out the cartridge and insert a new one. It’s as easy as that.


Glucose Meter

The simple-to-use personalized smart meter automatically logs & tracks blood glucose levels, provides actionable insights and alerts. It plugs conveniently into your smartphone so you can view and share results with your healthcare or family member wherever you are.


Lancing device

The glucose monitoring device uses an ultra-thin lancet for convenient, pain-free blood sampling. The lancet is designed for safety and only requires a tiny blood sample for an accurate reading.


Smart mobile device integration

The Dario smart meter works seamlessly with supported Android or iPhone mobile devices. The glucose meter easily plugs into your mobile device’s headphone socket. The Dario app automatically syncs with the Dario meter each time it is connected to your mobile device, and stores the information in the cloud for further use and referencing.

Web Portal

Dario is a state-of-the-art diabetes data management or blood glucose level management that connects the user, health care professional or loved one anywhere in the world. Dario‘s cloud-based software provides you with an easy seamless way to record, save, track, analyze, manage & share all your diabetes related information in one lifestyle management platform. Through the Dario web portal you can access all your activity and medication data and track your progress. Your data is always in sync and always accessible on-line in a user-friendly interface via a secure Web session.
Click here to access your Dario web portal

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  • Always read the instruction for use.
DLP-0040 RevA 07/2019